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Wedding ring is the basic symbol of the marriage which is one of the most important milestones in the life of human. Marriages represent the endless love and togetherness between woman and man and they maintain their importance from the past to these days of ours. Wedding ring is the prerequisite for the marriages and they narrate the bond of matrimony and it has many meanings in the history. In Egypt, during the time of pharaoh, it was done from the stems and it used to show the continuity of love and togetherness. While its round form narrates the love that will never end, its extramarital use also narrates the faithfulness.

Having this ring worn on the forth finger of the right hand has started from those times. Egyptians used to believe that there is a vein going to the heart uninterruptedly by starting from this finger. With this reason, ring was worn on the forth finger of the left hand.

At the present time, this believing still continues. Wedding ring is one of the jewels used on the finger for the longest period of time regardless of being worn by woman or man. With this reason, time must be spared when it is preferred. This ring is one of the most important symbols showing the happiness of the persons. For this reason, careless selections must not be done and its metal must be decided with priority.